review by Chris Stannard

It's really humbling to work with someone whose pursuit of perfection is so strong - not only in the production value of the work and the aesthetic value, but in her pursuit of the perfect moment - which is what I think her work does.

I remember - I think we all have memories - probably childhood memories of gazing through the bottom of a drinking glass or some other transparent object with lens like properties, turning it around between your fingers until you're no longer looking at, say a man on a beach, but you're looking at the image of a man on a beach. And the image no longer means "man on a beach" it just means light and colour and pure beauty. This is the kind of perfect image that Nanna's photographs approach.

Nanna Soderstrom is not a perfectionist. Perfectionists are intolerable people who cannot cope with flaws. Nanna sees the world for what it is. No matter how many or how few the lenses she puts between her camera and the world, the reality of the world seems to make it through to the negative - only more beautifully than when it went in.

Each picture is an impression of a moment - not an instance - but a longer, drawn out moment - much as we experience or remember moments to be. The ten seconds it takes to smell a rose, or think of someone we love, doesn't leave a sharp impression on our mind, but a feeling that lingers and shifts in our mind.

These works are more like short films than photographs. They have the same quality of movement and rich colour that belong to filmmaking. They also have the narrative quality of short films, evoking questions or ponderings, particularly when coupled with such poetic titles as The World Looks As Big As It Probably Is.

Nanna has confided in me some of the secrets to her techniques. She told me about these techniques so that I can get a better insight into her work - not so I would tell you her secrets. What I understood form her tellings is that Nanna tinkers with photographic techniques, finding new ways of bending light to her will. She is as intimate with her medium as any master printmaker. And what she can do with her craft can quite literally change the way we see the world.

Chris Stannard * Curator * Tanks Arts Centre


Exhibition at Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns Australia


October 2012


"In my current work I illustrate thoughts, feelings and short stories triggered by my surrounding. Some are truthful to reality, others are more of a conclusion of what I felt...
My images, videos and drawings are visual memories of moments that have made me feel good or when I have found comedy in a situation.

I constantly experiment with most photgraphic, cinematographic and other rules within the field of visual arts in my attempt to bend light to my will, draw a new curve or find the perfect rythm to illustrate a feeling.

Concerning photography, one might say I paint pictures, only with different tools - light is my colour, the cameras are my brushes and film is my canvas."


Born 1969 in Helsinki, Finland

- Arts Academy at Turku University for applied sciences, Finland, expressive photography 1996
- Karis Folk highschool, photography 1992
- Matriculation exam 1989

Solo exhibitions
- 2013 The Funny Farm
- 2010 Beyond Philosophy, Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns Australia
- 2009 Random Thoughts, ZUES, Port Douglas, Australia
- 2007 Northern Photographic Centre, Oulu Finland
- 2007 Galleri Sinne, Helsinki, Finland
- 2004 Lowe Gallery, Helsinki Finland
- 2004 Galleria Hevosenkenka, Espoo Finland
- 1998 Lapinlahti Art Museum, Finland
- 1997 Tampere Railway station, Finland
- 1996 Helsinki Railway station, Finland
- 1996 Galleria Manilla, Turku Finland

selected group exhibitions
- 2015 Yhteisen tuntuinen, Galleria Aarni
- 2015 Vi har samlat!, Pro Artibus
- 2012 VIELA MITÄ! Galleria Aarni, Espoo
- 2012 Kulttuuritalo Karelia, Tammisaari
- 2011 5 Senses, Port Douglas, Australia
- 2010 Sugar Wharf, Port Douglas, Australia
- 2005 - 2012 Art Fair Suomi, Helsinki
- 2007 Galleria Sinivihrea, Finland
- 2007 Galleria Aarni, Espoo Finland
- 2003 "Virtaa", Porvoo Art Factory, Finland
- 1997 TECE Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie, Arles, France
- 1995 Galleria Hippolyte, Helsinki Finland
- 1995 Hatsina Main Library, Russia
- 1995 South Careli Arts Centre, Savitaipale, Finland
- 1995 Turku cultural centre, Finland
- 1994 Turku School of Nursery
- 1993 Galleri Zebra

artist in residency
- 2013 Lietsalo-projektiateljee, Helsinki, Finnish Artits' Studio Foundation
- 2008 Marbella, Spain, Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation

- 2010 - 2011 Asylum Gallery, Port Douglas, QLD Australia - an ongoing continuously changing exhibition of contemporary photography and experimental video art.

- 2011, ABAF, Brisbane, "Best Practice of The Year" as part of Beautiful Arts Spaces (Asylum Gallery)

works in collections
- Pro Artibus Foundation
- JKMM Arkkitehdit
- Galleria Hevosenkenka
- Galleria Sinivihrea
- private collections

- Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland 2007
- Arts Promotion Centre Finland 2007
- Finnish Cultural Fund 2004
- Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland 1996
- Arts Council of Finland (for a group) 1995

- Freelance photographer since 1997
- 1999 Photography teacher, Helsinki Cultural centre, Annantalo
- 1999-2000 Photography teacher, sovinto Ry, Helsinki
- 1991- 1994 producer's assistant, YLE FST Fakta, Finnish Bradcasting Corporation

- 2012 Länsiväylä, kulttuuri, Riku Cjander
- 2012 Verkkonummi, kulttuuri
- 2010 The Independent, Queensland, cover story and and review
- 2010 Radio Port Douglas, the morning show with Michael Gabour
- 2010 ABC Radio Cairns, The Arts Hour with Fiona Sewell
- 2009 Radio Port Douglas, the morning show with Micheal Gabour
- 2007 Helsingin Sanomat, Kulttuuri
- 2007 Skenet, online arts revew by Mikko Oranen
- 2007 Oulun Seudun Sanomat, kulttuuri
- 2004 Helsingin Sanomat, kulttuuri, review by Jukka Yli-Lassila
- 1997 Savon Sanomat, kulttuuri
- 1996 Keskisuomalainen, kulttuuri
- 1996 Ilta-Sanomat, kulttuuri
- 1996 YLEn Ykkönen, National Finnish Radio, interview
- 1196 Finnish National Television, EXTRA (monthly arts programme)
- 1993 Västra Nyland, arts review

- Union of Artist Photographers in Finland, full member
- Artist's Association of Finland
- Espoo Artists' Association, full member
- VÄRINÄ, Artist Photographers' dark room co-operative, Helsinki. Founder member. Chair man of the board 2004-2006
- NAVA, National Association for the Visual Arts Ltd, Australia


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